Michael Bullock cover This studio document was recorded November 1998
in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Michael Bullock  ·  [ t h e r e   t h e   e y e   g o e s   n o t ; ]


Michael Bullock: contrabass
Brenda Hopkins Miranda: piano
Tatsuya Nakatani: percussion
Bhob Rainey: soprano saxophone

track listing:

1. price/pound   11:27
2. rain  6:56
3. state lines  14:30
4. ;  8:11
5. pitch/acceptance  8:11

Production and technical credits:

Recorded November 1, 1998 by Michael Caglianone at Studio 7a West, Charlestown, MA.
Mixed and mastered by Michael Caglianone.
Design & layout by Steve Norton/Red Notebook.
Cover handwriting by Michael Bullock.
Type by Jan van Krimpen.

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