Tautology recordings

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N O W   A V A I L A B L E
Matt Turner   Tautology 014        [order]

Crushed Smoke

Improving ’cellist Matt Turner’s solo recording.

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Crushed Smoke presents Matt Turner improvising live in the studio on ’cello and, on two cuts, Yamaha electric ’cello. This is a beautifully detailed recording by John Gibson which really captures Matt’s tactile playing wonderfully.

FETISH   Tautology 013        [order]

Studio documentation of the controversial Boston trio.

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FETISH is David Gross, saxophones, Mike Bullock, contrabass, and Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion.

Water Shed 5tet   Tautology 012        [order]

Circuit Breaker

This is the Pittsburgh-based Water Shed 5tet’s third recording, produced by Myles Boisen.

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Circuit Breaker presents Ben Opie on saxophones, clarinet and theremin, Darryl Fleming on electric & acoustic guitars, and Erin Snyder on ’cello, Jeff Stringer on electric bass and Jay Matula on drums and percussion.

Paradigm Shift   Tautology 011        [order]

The R.A.W. Field Recordings

The first recording from this group was recorded at a concert at Hartford’s Real Art Ways space.

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Paradigm Shift is Stephen Haynes & Taylor Ho Bynum on trumpets, Joseph Daley on tuba, and Pheeroan akLaff & Syd Smart on percussion. For this recording, they are joined by Salim Washington on tenor saxophone and Aaron Johnson on bass trombone.

Norton, Plsek, Robair   Tautology 005/Rastascan BRD038        [order]

Firehouse Futurities

This recording documents the trio’s live performance on WMFO from the winter of ’95, as well as an innovative trans-continental studio collaboration.

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Firehouse Futurities presents Steve Norton on saxophones, bass clarinet and game calls, Tom Plsek on trombone and Gino Robair on drums and percussion. This is a cooperative release with Rastascan Records of San Leandro, California.

E E D   Tautology 011        [order]

Morphic Resonance

The first recording from this fascinating trio is another product of Eric Rosenthal’s Rocky Nook Studio. These recordings date from the Spring of 1999.

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E E D is David Gross, reeds, Erik Carlsen, tuba and Eric Rosenthal, percussion. This disc also features hand-stamped covers.

Bhob Rainey & Eric Rosenthal   Tautology 008        [order]

Crawlspace/Universal Noir

This recording from Eric Rosenthal’s Rocky Nook Studio documents the duo’s work in the fall of ’98, and also includes as a bonus the quartet track Universal Noir, which adds Jack Wright on reeds and Taylor Ho Bynum on trumpets.

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Crawlspace/Universal Noir presents Bhob Rainey on soprano saxophone and Eric Rosenthal on drums and percussion. This disc also features hand-stamped covers.

Bhob Rainey   Tautology 007        [order]

The Withered Grasses

This document collects recent solo studio recordings and Bhob’s early cassette release, entitled For: .

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This is Bhob’s second solo release in less than a year. (The first, entitled Ink, is available from Sachimay Records.) Featuring hand-stamped covers.

Mamashöe   Tautology 009        [order]

I Love Life

This is Mamashöe’s second recording.

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Mamashöe is Mother and Shöe on guitars and vocals, plumbing the american (and anywhere else) song tradition in their own completely unique fashion. For this recording, they are joined by a flock of guests, adding to the hi-jinx.

Michael Bullock   Tautology 006        [order]

[ t h e r e   t h e   e y e   g o e s   n o t ; ]

This studio document was recorded November 1998 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

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The group, led by bassist Michael Bullock, includes Brenda Hopkins Miranda (piano), Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) and Bhob Rainey (soprano saxophone).

Cheap Suit   Tautology 004        [order]

Another Day Another Dollar

This recording documents Cheap Suit’s July 8, 1998 performance at the Central Square VFW in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Cheap Suit is Peter Warren (guitars), Jeff Hudgins (reeds), Nate McBride (bass) and Curt Newton (drumset). This recording is a long-overdue document of a well-kept Boston secret.

Thickmind   Tautology 003L        [order]

This recording documents Thickmind’s July 10, 1998 performance at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This pressing is limited to 30 copies. Sold out--sorry!

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Thickmind is Jeff Hudgins and David Gross (reeds), John Voigt (bass), Laurence Cook (percussion) and Steve Norton (turntable, tapes). This recording is the first in a series of limited-edition CDs documenting performances at the Zeitgeist Gallery, Boston’s premier improvised music venue.

Autumn Uprising   Tautology 001/002        [order]

A three day festival of Boston new improvised music

This recording documents performances by 11 groups in the first annual Autumn Uprising festival which took place in October 1997 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

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Among the groups included on the recording are the Fully Celebrated Orchestra, the Charlie Kohlhase Quartet, Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, Debris, Aardvark Jazz Orchestra and others.

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