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some of our artists' pages:

Bhob Rainey
Taylor Ho Bynum
David Gross
Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble
Aardvark Jazz Orchestra
Fully Celebrated Orchestra
Charlie Kohlhase

record labels we like:

Eremite Records
Rastascan Records
Sublingual Records
Sachimay Records

other places to find our stuff:

Twisted Village in Harvard Square, Cambridge
Cadence, the magazine, the distributor
Verge Distribution (in Ontario, Canada)

places we like to visit, live and on the web:

Mobius --THE home of experimental multi-media performance in Boston
Ad Busters: who you gonna call?
the Chankstore: home of Chank Diesel, the man, the myth, the legend
a Kenneth Patchen website, for some great poetry...

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