Crushed Smoke cover

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Matt Turner  ·  Crushed Smoke


Matt Turner: ’cello, Yamaha electric ’cello

track listing:

1. Contraption
2. Space Station
3. Vent
4. Smoking Carnivore
5. Fractals
6. Sticky Victrola
7. Blisters
8. Koto Caress
9. Pegs
10. Prarie lament
11. Tap
12. A Simple Line
13. Blinker
14. Clascht
15. Ancient Signs

Production and technical credits:

Produced by Matt Turner
Co-produced by John Gibson
Recorded 6/6/00 by John Gibson at Impact Music in Dale, Wisconsin.
Mixed and mastered 9/8/00 by Scott Saxe and John Gibson at Saxe Productions, Appleton, Wisconsin.
Photograph by Matt Samolis.
Design & layout by Steve Norton/Red Notebook, Medford MA.
Type by Martin Fredrikson Core.

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