Morphic Resonance cover

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E E D  ·  Morphic Resonance


David Gross: alto saxophone, clarinet
Erik Carlsen: tuba
Eric Rosenthal: percussion

track listing:

1. Form Shaping Fields    3:04
2. We Don’t Have Memories of the Future   3:55
3. The More Embracing Field   4:03
4. The Fact that Memory is Preserved, or The Basin of Attractions   3:05
5. If They Weren’t Stored in the Brain   5:42
6. Not Material or Energetic   6:40
7. Self Organizing Principles   3:37
8. The Influence of this Particular Attractor   6:33
9. It Just Is   5:47

All titles by E E D, Waxworks Music.

Production and technical credits:

Produced by Eric Rosenthal.
Recorded February–April, 1999 by Eric Rosenthal at Rocky Nook, Boston MA,
except track 6 recorded by Rrron Lessard 4/24/99 at RRR Records, Lowell MA.
Mastered by Peter Warren & Eric Rosenthal at Moon Hill Studio, Lexington MA.
Insert painting by Eva Seltzer.
Pencil & digital renderings, design & layout by Steve Norton/Red Notebook.
Booklet layouts rendered as rubber stamps by Logan Stamp Works, East Boston MA.
Insert printing by Hillside Press, Boston MA.
Type by Adrian Frutiger.

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