Mamashoe cover

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Mamashöe  ·  I Love Life


Mother: guitar & voice
Shöe: guitar & voice

with guests:
Kirsten Findell: voice–peel me a grape, sunshine on my shoulders
Syd Henkel: voice–telephone girl
grey elk gel:trumpet, voice, accordian–buddha/fables/sunshine
Carl Scovel: voice, guitar–adjusted, distinction, healing river
Colleen Sexton: voice–crazy
John Voigt: bass–world beyond the sky
Arthor Weinstein: mandolin, voice–foggy mountian top

track listing:

1. Telephone Girl (1927) (Blind Alfred Reed)
2. Is There Life On The Earth? (1984) (Lonnberg/Makavej/Hadjidakis)
3. Oh Healing River (american spiritual)
4. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1929) (Razaf/Waller/Brooks)
5. Fables Of Faubus (1964) (Charles Mingus)
6. The Night In Silence Under Many A Star (text:1865 Walt Whitman/music:1979 George Crumb)
7. Crazy (Willie Nelson)
8. Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi (1920s) (american tradional)
9. Foggy Mountian Top (traditional)
10. The Erie Canal (1905) (Tom Allen)
11. I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted (1951) (American spiritual)
12. Gathering Flowers For The Master’s Bouquet (M.E. Baumgardner)
14. Who Was Buddha (American spiritual)
15. Over The Hill (1943) (Daffan)
16. Sunshine On My Shoulders (1974) (John Denver)
17. There’ll Be No Distinction There (1927) (Blind Alfred Reed)
18. Sarah Nova (Jim Rader)
19. Fires At Midnight (1976) (Ian Anderson)
20. I Love Life (american spiritual)
21. Peel Me A Grape (1962) (David Fishberg)
22. It’s Only A Paper Moon (1933) (Rose/Harburg/Arlen)
23. World Beyond The Sky (1975) (Michael Cassidy)

Production and technical credits:

Recorded live-to-two track, 24 December ’98—7 February ’99
at Mamashöe World Headquarters
46 Msgr. Lydon Way
Dorchester MA 02124
Cover designed by Mother.

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