Crawlspace cover

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Bhob Rainey & Eric Rosenthal  ·  Crawlspace/Universal Noir


Bhob Rainey: soprano saxophone
Eric Rosenthal: percussion
Taylor Ho Bynum: trumpets (on Universal Noir)
Jack Wright: saxophones, wood flute (on Universal Noir)

track listing:

1. Whereby the Villain Seeks Repose    9:07
2. Ugly Beauty   6:57
3. In Which a Foreign Element Is Introduced   6:44
4. Composure   6:30
5. Certain Debts Are Painstakingly Collected   4:46
6. Throughout Which a Plea Unfolds   9:57
7. Epilogue   3:10
8–11. Universal Noir, parts I–IV   15:05

Track 2 by Thelonious Monk, Thelonious Music, BMI.
All other titles by Rainey & Rosenthal except Universal Noir by Rainey/Rosenthal/Bynum/Wright; published by Yapyazzard Music, BMI.

Production and technical credits:

Produced, recorded and mixed by Eric Rosenthal in October 1998 at Rocky Nook, Boston MA.
Crawlspace mastered by Michael Bierylo at Virtual Planet, Brighton MA.
Universal Noir mastered by Peter Warren at Moon Hill Studio, Lexington MA.
Cover paintings by Eric Rosenthal.
Design & layout by Steve Norton/Red Notebook.
Type by Joseph Kral.

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