Bhob Rainey cover This document collects recent solo studio recordings and
Bhob’s early cassette release, entitled For: .

Bhob Rainey is a young soprano saxophonist who has recently relocated from
Boston, where he plays with nmperign, to Chicago. The Withered Grasses (Tautology)
is a hypnotic solo recital that spotlights his electronic-sounding acoustic
timbres and elongated phrases, which extend the work of Englishmen John Butcher
and Evan Parker.

—Bill Meyer, Magnet Magazine

Bhob Rainey  ·  The Withered Grasses & For:


Bhob Rainey: soprano saxophone

track listing:

1 – 7: The Withered Grasses, parts 1 – 7
8 – 9: For:, parts 1 & 2

All titles by Bhob Rainey, Yapyazzard Music BMI.

Production and technical credits:

Recorded by Bhob Rainey
Mastered by Peter Warren at Moon Hill Studio
Cover woodcut and package designed and hand-pressed by Bhob Rainey at Leech Soup

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