Autumn Uprising cover This recording documents performances by 11 groups
in the Autumn Uprising festival, a three day festival of Boston
new improvised music which took place in October 1997 in
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

This first annual Autumn Uprising festival showcased the cream
of Boston's improvising and avant-jazz groups and musicians.

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Track listing:

Disk 1
1. Eric Zinman Trio: "Portal" (improvisation)   11:34
2. Fully Celebrated Orchestra: "A Love Poem" (Hobbs)   2:25
3. Fully Celebrated Orchestra: "Hall of Mirrors" (Hobbs)   6:33
4. Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble: "The Uprising" (improvisation)   12:18
5. Masashi Harada Trio: "Collective Improvisation"   9:28
6. Hans Poppel Trio: "13" (Poppel)   6:01
7. Leap of Faith: "Unified Fields (excerpt)" (improvisation)   10:44

Disk 2
1. Larry Roland Ensemble: "Heartbeat of Awakening" (Roland)   8:02
2. Debris: "Fear of Laurence" (Norton)   11:23
3. John Voigt & Bowed Metal Ensemble: "Improvisation"   7:01
4. Charlie Kohlhase Quartet: "Play Free or Die" (Kohlhase)   11:40
5. Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: "Weird Magnetism" (Harvey)   10:10

Production and technical credits:

Festival produced by David Gross
Recording produced by David Gross and Steve Norton
Executive production by Peter Warren & Billy Ruane, with indispensable assistance from the audience & players.
Recorded by Peter Warren October 17 - 19, 1997 at Eliot Hall, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Edited & mastered by Peter Warren, Spring 1998.
Thanks to Pandelis Karayorgis for the microphones.
Art direction, design & layout by Steve Norton/Red Notebook.
Photography by Masashi Harada.
Eliot Hall drawing by Amy Saidens.
Type by RXC, Psy/Ops Type Foundary.

Liner note by David Gross:

Autumn Uprising was a three day festival of improvised music performed by Boston area musicians--and what a festival it was! The feeling in Eliot Hall on those nights was incredible. At last, most of the "scene" was together in one place and everyone responded by playing on a very high level. The music speaks for itself, so it will suffice to express the hope that these discs will increase awareness outside of Boston of the vital music happening here. I am indebted to the many generous people who helped to transform the idea into a wonderful event. The fact that so many people responded with their time and energy confirmed my feeling that this was an important undertaking. Autumn Uprising was and is about community and it demonstrated that when people put their heads together, amazing things can happen.

Many thanks are due to: Fred Allen, the bcma, Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, Bob Blumenthal, Katy Boelter, Judith Burkson, Michael Ehlers, the Footlight Club, Masashi Harada, Mark Harvey, Ed Hazell, Janet Hill, Eric Jackson, Pandelis Karayorgis, Greg Kelley, Deb Klein, Maria Klein, Gillian Levine, Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Ian Nagoski, Curt Newton, Hans Poppel, Wayne Rogers, Jason Sheehan, Zak Sherzad, Stu Vandermark, Kate Village, John Voigt and Peter Warren.

Due to various factors, technical or professional, a few groups that performed in the festival couldn't be represented on these discs. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerome Deupree, Pandelis Karayorgis, Neil Leonard, Joe Maneri, Mat Maneri, Joe Morris and Randy Peterson for their participation.

David Gross
Cambridge, Massachusetts
April 17, 1998

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